Indochina Snapshot

We build our images of the world in bits and pieces -- from moments in our own experiences, from experiences others share with us. These are a few such moments, gathered in the course of a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in late 1988, originally published in 1989.

Much has changed since this snapshot was taken. Vietnam has pulled its soldiers out of Cambodia. Khmer dance teacher Chea Samy has died. Vietnamese editor Bui Tin has left his homeland in protest against government policies. President Bush did not normalize U.S. diplomatic relations with Vietnam or even lift the wartime trade embargo -- leaving it to President Clinton to take those steps.

But the people I met in 1988 have helped shape today's Vietnam and Cambodia, and this snapshot from the past may help you understand the Indochina of today.

My reporting trip was sponsored by The News-Journal in Daytona Beach, Fla., and Cox News Service.



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