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12 April 1999
Links updated 17 November 2004

Take 'em all up the street and give 'em a dose of imagination.

Don't like the neighbors? Send a squad of gun thugs to tell them it's time leave town. Good show, SM. Lot of imagination there.

Your turn, BC. Bombs and rockets? Bluntest of the blunt instruments in the military kit bag. Such inventiveness!

One thing for sure: This latest round will stoke the ancient fires of petty nationalism and vengeance for at least another generation.

My pacifist friends at the Fellowship of Reconciliation -- they've spent some serious time on the ground building bridges to people in several of the splintered parts of what once was Yugoslavia -- have a thought: For the price of a few of those cruise missiles, we could offer full college scholarships to anyone who wanted to defect from any of the armies involved.

Would it work? Maybe yes. Maybe no. At least they're exercising their brain cells, not just running on knee-jerk. Get enough brain cells in play, and someone's bound to come up with a better solution than bombs and gun thugs.

See any other signs of ingenuity in the situation? so I can add them to my list. Ditto for any particularly good alternative sources of information about what's going on.


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