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Time, gentlemen!

20 Dec. 1998

Dear Mr. Livingston:

Your resignation distresses me, though not so much as your support of the impeachment drive and calls for the president to resign.

We do not elect you ladies and gentlement to righteousness. We send you to Washington to do the "sausage making" of government.

Don't put on airs. You've let your sanctimony overwhelm your judgment.

Dear Mr. President:

You have let your supporters and the nation down more than once. It's not for nothing that your icon in Doonesbury is a waffle.

This time, don't fail the American people. You owe it to us to fight this ill-considered drive to impeachment. However foolish, however tawdry your personal life may be, it must not become grounds for impeachment. You have to carry this through to the end. If you just resign, you'd set a precedent that would do great damage to the republic.

To whom it may concern:

I seem to have been trapped in the wrong universe. Can you help me get back to the one I came from? The one where there was at least a hint of sanity and sense of proportion in Washington.

If you know the way, please send directions.

Copyright © 1998 John Spragens

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