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23 Oct. 2001

Oh, for a cast and a camera and a location and time ...

Marching in step, vast ranks of young and old (are they wearing uniforms? maybe something of red, white and blue -- star-spangled?) pass on their way into the mall.

Leading them, perhaps a brass band with Our Only President as drum major.

As they progress down the concourse, platoons branch off and enter stores. There's a bit of saluting the clerks and lots of quick close-up shots of patriotic green with smiling old presidents changing hands.

Like streams flowing into a river, the army reassembles, laden with shopping bags, and marches in triumph out to the parking lot.

Do they clamber into troop carriers? Or just slip into an endless line of SUVs?

Whatever bears them home, they are proud, for they have answered the call of their president. They have done their patriotic duty.

Copyright © 2001 John Spragens

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